Located on the Hydrangea Ranch

On one of Oregon’s largest flower farms, alongside the Kilchis River in the middle of the Tillamook State Forest.

Discover grit, resilience, confidence, & authentic self.

Learn patience with the process; progress, not perfection.

What can I expect from camp?

  • Build endurance and strength on running trails, beaches, and logging roads on the rugged & beautiful Oregon Coast.  
  • Learn how to eat to win, with expert nutrition education and delicious, wholesome, home-cooked meals.
  • Learn recovery techniques for the body and positive thinking techniques for the mind, for a sustainable running career.
  • Gain body awareness for efficient and fast running, through lessons on form and flexibility.
  • Build a positive body image to support your competitive fire, using the nationally recognized Body Project as our discussion guide.
  • Train your brain for racing success through visualization.
  • Make lifelong friends, have fun, and get ready for your best running yet!

Where is camp located?

  • Camp is located on one of Oregon’s premier flower farms in a park-like atmosphere alongside the Hydrangea Ranch.
  • Camp is surrounded by fields of flowers in bloom along the Kilchis River, one of Oregon’s premier salmon fishing rivers.
  • The farm is encompassed by The Tillamook State Forest in the Coastal Mountain Range.  See more photos of the farm here.

Where will I be sleeping?

  • It is a true camping–more like glamping–experience.  Campers sleep in large greenhouses, with sleeping bags and air mattresses or cots.
  •  Hot showers are available as well as the refreshing Kilchis River right next door.  “Roughing it” enhances the connection between one’s self, nature, and cross country running. 
  • Camp is centered around the main pavilion area.
  • Cell phone coverage is extremely limited–leave your electronics at home.  If they are brought to camp, they will be kept by counselors for emergency use only. 
  • More photos here.

What will I be eating?

  • Meals are catered by Twins Ranch Catering.
  • The menu was designed by Melody herself to be nutritious and good tasting.
  • We offer vegetarian and gluten free options, but no specific dietary needs beyond that. 

 Contact Us


Melody’s Email: melodygfairchild@gmail.com

Melody’s Phone: (303) 818-8063

Ultimook e-mail: pat@ultimookrunningcamp.com

Camp Host Cell Phone: (503) 812 – 9190

Camp Office Phone: (503) 815- 3762

Camp Office Fax: (503) 815 – 9326


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Passion – Courage – Commitment – Resilience




Week 1, July 5 to July 10

Girls camp, ages 12-18, will be treated to a one-of-a-kind running immersion experience. Each camper discovers her own true north, through guided writing, meditation and breathing exercises. We strengthen our running will and hone our grit muscle with challenging team and individual training runs. We learn how to support the running journey through talks from experts on nutrition and sports psychology. This camp speaks to the wise-woman within, who wants to pause and take notice of the energy around and within her, to inform her next step on the journey.

Week 2 & 3, July 26 to Aug. 1 & Aug. 2 to Aug. 8

Co-ed camps, ages 12-18.  Featuring two weeks of original Ultimook camps.  The Ultimook’s mission is to develop long distance runners in both mind and body.  We offer a REAL cross country experience with a unique mixture of beautiful runs, great training, knowledgeable speakers, and team building challenges called the Sasquatch Games. Each day will bring a different type/variety of training runs, races, and challenges in a variety of terrains—sand, hills, trails, cross country, etc.  with a heavy emphasis on developing character, leadership, and teamwork.


Recent News:

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